Who leads the workshop-What is a Peer Leader

Peer Leaders are specially trained to lead the workshops.

They are here to:

  • help you start to make plans that will work for you.
  • help you figure out how to solve daily problems.
  • make the workshop a safe and comfortable place to share ideas.

They do not :

  • give you direct health advice
  • focus on any one health condition
  • replace the care you get from health care team

Take Charge! is led by people living in the community who are also living with on-going health conditions.

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Health Professionals Workshops:

Choices and Changes Workshop

Brief Action Planning Workshop

Treating Patients with C.A.R.E.

The Empathy Effect: Countering Bias

Health Literacy Training

Clinician-Patient Communication to Enhance Health Outcomes

Email: kuchard@hhsc.ca

For Healthcare Providers to learn more about how to refer their clients to our online programs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ea1g3S7wYg&t=1s



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