Health Literacy Training

Empowering patients to have greater agency in, and control over health decisions.

A patient’s health literacy is their ability to read, understand and use health care information to make informed decisions and modify behaviours that affect their personal healthcare needs. Promoting health literacy among patients creates a more collaborative care environment, one that empowers patients to have greater agency in, and control over, their own care decisions.

CCMI’s Health Literacy programs introduce participants to concepts that support and emphasize the importance of being able to support patients and communicate clearly so that patients and family members can truly participate in care. Participants will gain an understating of Health Literacy concepts and learn practical skills for engaging with patients to ensure clear and effective communication

Workshop for Frontline Clinicians

This level of training is applicable to front line clinicians who wish to improve their knowledge and skills.

Workshop for Clinical Educators and Health Literacy Leads

Provides skills development training and knowledge which will help across community and system wide settings—teaching and also assessing the potential of an organization’s Health Literacy implementations. This program incorporates and builds on aspects of the Workshop for Front Line Clinicians.

This course helps individuals gain the knowledge and confidence to teach Health Literacy skills to others. Having Health Literacy trainers within an organization encourages ongoing skills refinement as well as capacity to train new hires.

The workshops listed here are to provide training for all HCP. If you or your organization are interested in pursuing  a “Train the Trainer” workshop, please contact Lynn Kuchard at


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Choices and Changes Workshop

Brief Action Planning Workshop

Treating Patients with C.A.R.E.

The Empathy Effect: Countering Bias

Health Literacy Training

Clinician-Patient Communication to Enhance Health Outcomes


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