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Managing Ongoing Health Conditions

In this workshop, patients with various types of chronic diseases learn day-to-day management skills with a focus on continuing full and active lives.

Who is Take Charge! for?

  • Patients who frequently call or visit your practice seeking support for their chronic conditions.
  • Patients living with one or more chronic diseases.
  • Patients for whom social and physical activities have declined as a result of their condition.

*Family and caregivers of patients living with chronic conditions are also welcome to attend. They must register to attend.

Workshop Overview:

  • Classes are facilitated by specially trained peer leaders who themselves have learned to live a healthy life with chronic illness.
  • The workshop is delivered in 6 consecutive weekly 2 ½ hour sessions.
  • Group sizes vary from 10-15 participants.

The sessions help patients adjust to the changes in life roles and emotions that are part of living with a chronic illness.

Emphasis is placed on strengthening the patient’s active involvement in self-management by giving them the opportunity to practice condition-related decision-making and problem-solving skills. They are helped to deal with daily problems such as fatigue, disability, pain, anger, and mild depression.

Take Charge! does NOT replace the care that your patient receives from you and other members of their healthcare team. Take Charge! primes your patient to come prepared for appointments and make better use of your time together.

Referral: patient must self refer by registering online or calling 1 855-333-2376

What is the evidence that the Take Charge! program works?

The Take Charge! Program is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and is part of the provincial strategy to prevent and manage chronic disease.

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