Living with Chronic Pain & Disease

Get the most from your Healthcare Appointment

Before your appointment

• Write down and prioritize your questions
• Write a list on main symptoms and concerns
• Complete any prescribed tests
• Bring any forms with you
• Do your own research
• Update your medication list. Include prescriptions, vitamins, herbals etc
• Ask a family member of friend to come with you

During your appointment

• Share your list of questions and symptoms
• Do not expect the healthcare provider to deal with all of your concerns
• Ask questions. For example What is my main health problem? What do I need to do? Why do I need to do this? How will this affect my everyday life?
• Listen to your healthcare provider
• Answer any questions honestly
• Take notes
• If you do not understand something ask them to repeat it to you

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Living Sharing Caring

Take Charge members can interact with other members who suffer from the problems related to their illness

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